About Author Zigo and Author-Zigo.com

About Me

My name is Zigo. Some of my friends call me Author.

Others call me Author Zigo and that's how the website derived its name.

I love writing. I have a flair for words.

I also love to manage and share knowledge so that everyone is empowered to take informed decisions.

I believe through this platform, I am doing just that and more.

 The Journey

I have always been a writer. I started writing when I was a child. Then, I wrote so many stories. Unfortunately, I lost most of the manuscripts and for so many reasons. One of the reasons was that I was unable to publish, because there was no platform to do so. Another was because of who I was and where I came from.

I am from very humble beginnings. I was born in the early years of the 1980s. Growing up was extremely hard. I can still vividly remember our house, which was thatched and only two rooms. My parents were poor- my father a farmer and my mother a house-wife. Together, with eight of my siblings, we lived in this house.

My father was a great Dad. But he had, due to life's hard blows, fallen into the temptations of alcohol and became one of its greatest disciples. I believed earlier then that he was done with us, at least financially. 

This left mostly Mum, who did everything possible to ensure our survival. Knowing where I came from, I promised myself to break through, even as young as I was. That decision highly influenced the person I became today.

I worked hard at school and obtained a degree  in my native country, Cameroon.

I went to Sweden and completed a Masters Degree in 2008. That same year, I moved to London, where I lived for two years.

I moved to Denmark in 2010 and have worked and lived here with my family since then. I am presently writing the story of my life.

About author-zigo.com

Author-zigo.com, as you might have found out, is the home of creativity.  Ten years ago, when I published my first book ever in London, United Kingdom of Great Britain, I promised I will create a website like this one to manage knowledge and help people attain their true potential, especially with regards to writing. For ten good years, I have planned, researched, worked harder to realise this site.

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone can write, especially today, where new information and communication technologies and social media, have made it possible for everyone to create content. How good is the content we create everyday? Millions of people out there still want to read something excellent. Do you want to give them that material they want? Do you want to write as a pro? That's where this website is important.

But we've also gone beyond providing basic writing resources. We want everyone onboard. Check Below to see some of the services we provide.

Keep in touch. Join me to built a wonderful site

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