The Most Basic Writing Equipment all Writers Must Possess

Jan 16, 2019

Basic Writing Equipment

Are you aspiring to become a writer? Do you want to make writing your business? You must start somewhere. You will need some basic equipment to kick-start your career. These are equipment you can’t do without as a writer. Get these basic ones before you think of the more sophisticated ones. These are not expensive.

1. A Working Space at Home:

If you enjoy writing at home, find a suitable working space for yourself. This may be a small portion of your living room or balcony. Find an area free from distraction and one that will be comfortable enough to enable you create your masterpiece.  You will also need a table and a chair.  Your working space is where you will work, keep all other basic equipment and organised files. Even if you don’t love writing at home, this space is still very important.

2. Pens, Pencils, Papers, Computer or Laptop, Notebook, Filing Cabinet etc.

All these will make things easy, make your work more organised and be able to neatly present it. Obviously, you need pens, papers and pencils to write. Many writers prefer writing directly on their computers or laptop. Filing cabinet will enable you to file your work in a more orderly manner.

3. Access to the Internet:

The Internet will enable you to have easy access to thousands of volumes of works you may need to do your research. Luckily, access to the internet may not be a problem to you as you can get connected even on your mobile phone.

4. Textbooks and Other Self Help Books:  

The following textbooks will be very useful if you plan to write in English.

  • Pears Encyclopedia
  • Practical English Usage by Michael Swan.
  • Longman Guide to English Usage.
  • Discover Grammar by David Crystal
  • How Grammar Works by Patricia Osborn
  • Roget's Thesaurus
  • New Collins Thesaurus
  • Writer's and Artists Yearbook
  • The Writer's Handbook
  • Willings Press Guide
  • Benn's Media Directory
  • Oxford Dictionary of Quotations
  • World Atlas
  • Literary Encyclopedia

 5. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) Also known as a handheld PC, is a variety mobile device which function as a personal information manager. Highly capable smartphones can perform this role.  The idea is to enable you personally manage your information. Portable Laptop.

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