Why I Write -Why Do Writers Write?

Why I Write

   Each time I tell someone I write, one of the first questions they ask  is 'why?'  It's a common question- one that many, both failed, struggling and successful writers, are familiar with. Answers vary. Yes, different people have various reasons why they put their thoughts and experiences on paper. It is a tendency for people to believe that all writers are motivated by the desire to make money.

   However, this is a misguided disposition. Taken, everyone would want to make a few bucks if they can, but the zeal for money may be a last motive. Some do it for fun, others to unload their emotions, end loneliness and others because they want to keep a hold on life, discover the novel within them, leave a legacy or even keep them from going crazy. And me, yes me, why do I do it?

    There are four main motives. I write because I am compelled to do so. I have an innate need to write. It is a gift- a natural gift. Everyone is endowed with that special something. Everyone has a passion for one thing or the other. Some act. Some paint. Some are priests. Others are doctors and musicians. We have to identify our talents and develop them. Until we do this, we won't attain a sense of achievement or reach our true potential in life. I was born to become a writer and I believe I am living my dream and fulfilling my purpose. That's why I scribble all the times.

    Moreover, to me, writing is an escape from the problems of the real world. It's also a tool I use to criticise the source of these troubles. It is the best way to attack the status quo- to lampoon on societal evils. It is a platform I use to hit hard against the evil and the injustice, the wickedness and rottenness, the despair and the sufferings around me.

    In addition to the above, it would be unfair to not candidly let you know that pride is a contributing factor. I want to see my name in print. I want to walk into bookshops or libraries and see my books on the shelves. I want to go to a seaside and witness some beautiful damsels spread out on the sandy beach, with copies of my book in their hands. I want my child, child's children and children's children to tell their friends 'my father, grandfather, great grand, was a prolific author when he lived.'

    Lastly, I want that, after spending sleepless nights cracking my brain, fantasising, researching, penning down my ideas, I am finally rewarded for these toils, so I can live a more comfortable life.

    As you can see, there are many reasons why I write. What about you? Why do you think others do it? Let us know. I have created a comment box below to enable us share our ideas. Let us hear from you.

Why I Write - Why do Writers Write?

Use the box below to comment. Tell us why you write. Tell us why you think writers write.

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