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‘’I aspire to inspire others and help them realise their true potential. I believe you don’t have to be a millionaire to help others, especially those from less privileged backgrounds like myself. A little gesture at a time will go a long way to change someone’s story positively and contribute in making the world a better place.  That’s why I started these opportunities. Thus, it is my fervent wish that these opportunities will transform your life and make you better than you were. I pray, I beg you, I challenge you to use the offers judiciously, because I have worked so hard to make them available. Good luck.’’ Author Zigo, Author Zigo's Scholarship Foundation.

Questions and Answers About the Scholarships

A scholarship is an award of financial aid for a student to further their education. At, scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria, and which normally reflect our values and purposes. You might have a few questions to ask. Below are some questions and answers.

What type of Scholarships are offered at

Our scholarships vary. Every year, we offer scholarships depending on available funding. The more funds we have, the more scholarship opportunities we roll out. That said, we help in many ways.

1.   Start, study for a new Career or Improve an existing Career: Each year, winners can enrol and study (free of charge and sponsored by us), award winning courses online, that can put them on a new career path. This year (2018) for instance, has partnered with leading education providers online to offer at least 10 courses (worth 1000 plus dollars) to deserving participants, in the fields of writing, photography, cinematography, information technology etc. Beneficiaries will complete state-of-the-art, award winning courses that will go a long way to change their lives. Click Here to Apply For Current Opportunities.

2.  Help disadvantaged students enrol into University: We can assist students who have extreme financial difficulties to enrol in the first year. Our assistance can include paying of tuition or accommodation in the first year etc, to ensure your first year at Uni is smooth. You may have to carry on to the second year by yourself. It should be noted that these opportunities are available only to citizens of Sub Saharan African Countries still living in their countries of origin.

3.   Assistance with End of Degree Projects: If you are in deep financial crisis and having trouble with your end of degree research project, we can also help. Again, these opportunities are opened to citizens of Sub Saharan African Countries, still living in their countries of origin.

4.  Author Zigo's Scholarship Foundation also organises Contests Occasionally we organise contests, such as poetry and short story competitions. This is a chance for people to make a few dollars which will go a long way to support them. You can also review the works of others for a chance to win a few dollars.

Who Pays for Scholarships?

Author Zigo

How Much Can You Expect to Get?

It varies.  Each scholarship opportunity is unique and depends on the availability of funds. All opportunities shall be announced on this page and you should come here often to check out new info.

What’s the criteria for obtaining a scholarship?

You will submit a scholarship form, which will be reviewed to see if you qualify. Places are limited – very limited and you must stand out to be shortlisted.  Special attention will be given to those disadvantaged applicants.

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