by M D Zigo

Writing Contests Complete the Short Story Competition

Writing Contests Complete the Short Story Competition

Emerencia: Part I
Author Zigo

"Hello, my dear. Please hurry as a rainstorm is approaching, and it seems you are not concerned. Can you observe the lightning? Can you hear the thunder? I predict a heavy downpour and thunderstorm. So, let us depart quickly before it becomes too late," Emelda cautioned her friend Emerencia.

"Go ahead," Emerencia replied. "I don't mind getting wet. Please go now, hurry! I will contact you once I arrive home."
"I will never comprehend you," Emelda responded. "Nevertheless, I must go. It is necessary." She added and swiftly departed. Emerencia observed her friend until she vanished around the corner.

She turned around and gazed upwards. The rain clouds were rapidly gathering. Shortly after, a vigorous gust of wind blew in her direction, nearly knocking her down. Finding a large rock a few meters away, she leaned against it, sheltered from the wind. However, a torrential rain poured down, accompanied by lightning and storms, leaving her completely drenched.

Emerencia was a captivating young lady. Tall, curvaceous, with luscious lips and deep blue eyes. She was blossoming into the epitome of an African woman. Her warm smile, when shared, had the power to brighten anyone's day. Yet, she seldom smiled and frequently preferred solitary moments like this one. People often wondered if she harbored deep secrets or concealed inner pain. She excelled academically and had recently turned 17. In a few months, she would be attending university.

As the inclement weather persisted, her thoughts raced. For numerous years, she had battled an internal struggle. Now, she longed for liberation - freedom from those thoughts. She needed to decide whether to let go of the past and allow karma to take its rightful course. But what if it never happened? Perhaps she had to take matters into her own hands? One thing remained certain: regardless of karma, her abuser would never escape justice.

She was once a cheerful young girl until it all transpired. In 2018, long after the Anglophone crisis commenced in Cameroon, her father's younger brother sought refuge from the insecurity that plagued the rural areas of the Anglophone regions. With nowhere else to go, he stayed with them for months. Emerencia was merely 12 at the time. However, from that tender age, she was burdened with a dark and agonizing secret that haunted her every night. Her uncle had transformed her life into a living nightmare.

Night after night, for months on end, her uncle would sneak into her bed and subject her to unspeakable abuse. Filled with fear and despair, she mustered the courage to confide in her parents, hoping they would shield her from this monstrous relative.
Unfortunately, her pleas fell on deaf ears, as her parents refused to believe her, dismissing her words as mere fantasies.

Left with no one to turn to, her childhood innocence was shattered, replaced by an intense yearning for justice and revenge. As she matured into a young woman, her pain transformed into strength, fueling her determination to seek retribution against her tormentor.
"Something must be done to expose and punish him, to make him regret his actions!" she declared, her body drenched by the rain, while the wind, lightning, and thunder appeared to foretell an impending doom...

Part Two
Author Zigo

Emerencia's heart burned with a fierce resolve. She knew that she couldn't let her abuser go unpunished any longer. The rainstorm seemed to mirror the storm raging within her, fueling her determination to seek justice and put an end to her torment.

With each thunderclap, Emerencia's resolve grew stronger. She knew that she had to break the silence and find a way to expose her uncle's heinous acts. The weight of her secret had held her captive for far too long, and now it was time to take control of her own narrative.

As the rain poured down relentlessly, Emerencia made a solemn vow to herself. She would gather the strength to confront her past, face her abuser, and ensure that he faced the consequences of his actions. No longer would she allow fear and shame to dictate her life.

In the days that followed, Emerencia embarked on a journey of healing and empowerment. She sought guidance from trusted friends and professionals who could support her through this difficult process. Together, they laid out a plan to gather evidence, find legal assistance, and shine a light on the truth.

Emerencia knew that seeking justice would not be easy. It would require immense courage and resilience to navigate the legal system and confront her abuser in a court of law. But she was determined to reclaim her life and ensure that her story would not be silenced any longer.

With each step forward, Emerencia discovered a newfound strength within herself. She realized that she was not alone in her fight for justice. There were countless survivors who had faced similar struggles and emerged victorious. Their stories became her inspiration and source of hope.

As the days turned into weeks and then months, Emerencia's pursuit of justice gained momentum. She became an advocate for survivors, raising awareness about the importance of believing and supporting victims of abuse. Through her bravery, she encouraged others to break the silence and seek the justice they deserved.

The storm that had once raged within Emerencia began to subside. The rainclouds gradually cleared, revealing a glimmer of sunshine. Though the scars of her past would always remain, she found solace in knowing that she had taken a stand and fought for her own liberation.

Emerencia's journey was far from over, but she had taken the first courageous steps towards healing and justice. With each passing day, she grew stronger, determined to create a future where no one would suffer in silence, where justice would prevail, and where the echoes of her abuser's actions would be drowned out by the voices of survivors reclaiming their power.

And so, Emerencia stood tall, ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead. The storm had passed, but the thunder of her determination would continue to echo, a testament to her resilience and unwavering spirit.
The End

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May 29, 2024

by: M D

Congrats, Author Zigo. What a wonderful story

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