Make the World a better place......

by Susan

In this world….

Driven by lust, I met a man who believed in true love…

Who longed for her heart and not for her form

Who looked much deeper into the soul

Who thought that the real beauty was inside out

In this world….

Driven by pleasure, I met a man who learnt to restrain

Who cared for how he could build her and not destroy

Who nurtured her as one of his own cublings

Who esteemed her feelings more than anything else

In this world…..

Driven by passion, I met a man who valued life much more

Who never imposed but influenced her to think right

Who saw her as his responsibility than an opportunity

Who cherished all her memories for a lifetime

In this world….

Driven by power, may there be more of such men…

Who admire women rather than allure them

Who prepare women to face the storms of life

Who make the world a better place for her to exist !!

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Jan 18, 2020
Powerful message hidden in the poem.....
by: Anonymous

This poem written in the light of the events happening specially in India, where violence against girls and women happen almost every single day in the form of abuse and gang rapes....

The powerful and hidden message that this poem conveys is that..."Every Woman should be seen as a responsibility rather than an opportunity by men ! Only then this world will be a better place ! "

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