Poetry Competitions: Us and Them

by Ričards Umbraško
(Riga, Latvia)

They deceive us
They blame us
They pretend
to not see us
to not exist
they say
they blame
they don't see
the human in us

The magazines write
they sin
they say
they are not humans
they say
they are cockroaches
they say
they are not

They divide
and they conquer
but can they see
there's no end
to this
no end
to the houses
destroyed and pillaged
to the families
by the foreign hand
to the villages
burned to the ground

and when you see
the little girl
solemnly weeping
don't hesitate

they do not
about her
about us

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Dec 30, 2019
by: M D Zigo

We were very soft this time and a poem like this one grabbed the second prize. Ricards understood the subject matter. He paints a picture of ''Ostracism and marginalisation that are infringements of human rights'' and also ''addresses competition, accusation, war and smatterings of racism and lovelesness, which are further human rights infringegement,'' to quote one of the examiners.
Congratulations, Ricard. Your Prize is waiting.

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