Poetry Contests: YOU ARE GUILTY!


They came for me.
Armed, with sticks and guns and grenades.
Fearful and nasty in their approach.
Unreasonable beyond understanding,
Ready to unleash evil.
You were there when they came.

They came for my ideology
Like thieves they came,
Broke into our home
Rounded us up-
My father, my mother, my sister and myself.
You were there when they came.

They came for my peaceful,
none-violent approach for my resolve,
Held me captive and tortured my dad,
Shattered our home,
Accused us of terrorism,
Even as they terrorised us-
Even as they knew our movement was none-violent

They came because I would not trade
My quest for liberties, rights, freedoms and justice,
For anything else in the world.
They came because they could not quench,
My insatiable desire to uplift my people.
You were there when they came.

They came ready to exterminate me and my kindred.
They raped my mom - half a dozen of them!
Then they raped my sister- one after the other.
They forced us to watch - to watch their filthy actions
And knocked of my Dad when he protested.
They tied me up and stole my father's corpse,
Dragged me on the rough and hard ground
Dumped me in the back of an Armour car
Filled with the corpses of my people
You were there and you saw their brutality.

They set our house on fire,
And drove us away.
They dug a grave many kilometres away
And told me I didn't deserve to stay alive,
Even as a prisoner.
They buried us in the mass grave.
They buried us alive!

They were sent by the government - our government!
You were there when they came.
You saw what they did.
Yet you closed your eyes, sealed your lips and walked away,
And said nothing against injustice.
You are GUILTY!

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Dec 30, 2019
Poetry for Justice Competition: Sample Poem
by: M D

This was the sample poem for the 2019 Poetry for Justice competition, written by M D Zigo. This wasn't one of the poems reviewed for the cash prizes as it was submitted by the organiser of the contests.
In this poem, the poet frowns at those who stay silent in the face of injustice. Yes, ''if you are silent about injustice, you are as guilty as the oppressors.

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